Wednesday evening always sets me up with a feeling of anticipation for the coming shop days ahead. As much as I love the landscaping projects Monday thru Wednesday, it's the shop days in Dory's Gardens, when I never know what is going to happen,that is the real adventure. Who will come by? Will I sell some garden treasure or be able to put together a container plant for a special gift? Who will bring a much appreciated latte from Brady's or a home baked muffin? It's being with people and new "friends", joking around, swapping life stories,that brings so much joy.

The Garden is always a diligent and loving work in progress; re-organizing messes that pile up during the week, pulling unwanted weeds that sprout up in the craziest places, cleaning up leaves disgarded by the shedding trees and displaying product in it's most attractive angle. Project Beautification! Kind of like what we deal with in our everyday lives as we strive to be more beautiful and loving people. Share a joyful story with someone this week and plant a good seed of friendship!